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Sourcing and Research & Development


research and development

The group's strategy supports the development of a strong in-house R&D Department. Designs and ideas are conceptualised by a dedicated in-house team consisting of designers, product developers, graphic specialists and marketing experts.

The team regularly attends major food packaging shows around the globe to keep up with the latest trends and new products are developed in conjunction with our industrial development team.

Our trading experience has given us a thorough knowledge of the market and an understanding of the challenges faced by our diverse array of customers, both regional and global. This, coupled with a passion for creativity, has equipped our R&D department to meet customer requirements with appropriate solutions.


The knowledge and expertise gained over more than two decades in the trading field have made it possible for us to develop a world-wide network of partners, guaranteeing a high level of sourcing efficiency in products, raw materials, machinery and technology.