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Welcome to our new website!

Say hello to a better, faster, Al Bayader.

It has finally arrived! We are excited to announce the launch of our recently revamped website with an enhanced appearance, user experience and tons of awesome new features. Here’s what to expect:

Minimalistic design

We at Al Bayader International stand by our minimalist approach to design. The modern, fresh and clean website design keeps the content, user experience and ease of navigation to the forefront.

Pop of blue

Blue, besides being aesthetically pleasing, is also the color of comfort, clarity, trust, integrity, loyalty, and reliability among others. That’s exactly what we stand for. Hence we decided to adopt the shade of blue from our logo to replace the usual deep green color for a more modern and fresh look.

User-friendly navigation

Today’s users need things to be simple and as intuitive as possible. With a reduced clutter, clean layout, straightforward menu bar, and interactive search functionality, our new website is super easy to navigate.

Enhanced Products section

One of the most highly anticipated and requested features. We’ve now made it even easier to browse through your favorite products, filter by industries, type, material, color, range etc and get a quote from one of our customer service representatives.

News and Blog section

Stay updated with the latest corporate news, company and industry events, exhibitions and press releases. Want more? Head to our blog section to find recipes, DIYs, tips and tricks and more fun stuff to help you create unique moments to share!

Responsive mobile experience

As we move towards digitalization, the need for a mobile friendly website is even more crucial now. We want our users to browse, navigate and connect with us at the click of a button. For that, we now have a completely mobile responsive website that works on almost any smartphone or tablet.

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