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5 ways we’re promoting a greener business

We're talking sustainability!

Disposable packaging companies are often under fire for posing a threat to sustainability. The modern consumer has become increasingly aware and so has the demand for greener everyday products. Here are 5 ways we ensure our company operations are eco-friendly:

• Eco-Friendly Products
We strengthen our efforts to provide sustainable food packaging solutions with each advancement of the market’s environmental awareness. Whether they are looking for containers, tableware, or kitchenware, customers are given a wide variety of options (from paper and sugar-cane pulp to wooden materials) in our “Green Track” range. It meets consumers’ needs and demands, raising awareness about supporting a greener planet without compromising purpose-related design, quality, or functionality.

• Recycling
We implement advanced technologies to minimize the waste of plastic material. This strategy helps us develop the best production process in our field while saving resources. One of these techniques is the “sandwich technology,” which combines layers of plastic sheets during thermoforming. A thin sheet of recycled plastic is injected between the two virgin layers. This recycled material is in-house skeleton plastic leftovers from the previous thermoforming step.

• Composting
With the aim of reducing the amount of waste going to landfill, a composting station has been established in our Dubai industrial facility.

• Botanical Garden
We believe in the importance of striking a balance between industry and the environment. Thus we have established a botanical garden with more than 20 types of plants and trees native to the Mediterranean region. It’s our way of doing our bit for Mother Nature.

• Saving Energy
Using Power Factor Correction (PFC) systems in our production facilities has reduced electricity costs, increased energy efficiency and reduced our carbon footprint, as have switching to the solar powered LED outdoor lamps at all our manufacturing facilities and distribution centers.

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